Have you just been lying on the beach eating bon-bons??

Well…not exactly.  It has been WAY too long since I last posted.  Forgive me for feeling like I’d be silly to post my every day goings on.  I sometimes forget that what is everyday for me now is still novel outside of my little bubble here in Freeport!  But I also feel inclined to inform everyone that NO, I am not lying on the beach eating bon-bons (yes, I have actually been asked that!).  For the last week my days include the following:

6:00 am –     Peel myself out of bed BEFORE Jonathan and stumble to the kitchen to cook him breakfast and pack his lunch for the day.  This is the only time I get to spend with him until about 7:30 at night when I get about an hour or so to sit and eat dinner with him.

7:20 am –    Jonathan catches the bus headed to campus.  Once he leaves I do my morning Bible reading.  This is a nice quiet time in my day that centers me and helps me to stay focused on what is important.  I sometimes switch on KSBJ on my cell phone which helps me relax, but at the same time it makes me miss home a little.  They talk about traffic and weather in Clear Lake and Pasadena and I-45 and what not, and it feels almost like I’m there!  My Bible readings are a quick little devo called Jesus Calling and then a reading plan that is the entire Bible in 90 days in chronological order.  It’s a lot of reading, but God has intensely blessed that time for me. More on that later!

8:20 am –    I get going with the cleaning for the day.  I make the bed (pull the sheets for washing at least once a week), and sweep out the house (sometimes I have to do this 2-3 times a day!  Thanks Matilda…).  I also go in to the kitchen and wash any dishes that are dirty (no I do not have a         dishwasher…everything is by hand) and wipe down all the countertops and surfaces (any food or sugar that stays on the countertops attracts teeny little ants and possibly larger friends…that’s a no go for me!).

9:00 am –    This is when I start “working”.  If you know me at all, I’m sure you have been wondering how in the world I’ve been making it without having a “job” to go to every day.  I will tell you that I have had to literally sit on my hands at times to keep from “meddling” in the stuff going on at Keller.  I have to turn off my need to give advice to the two guys who are taking my place with the band.  It’s not my place anymore, but it is SO hard for me to not do that.  That band has been my life for 4 1/2 years! So in the place of starting a new school year, I have thrown myself into launching our jewelry business (A Different Kind of Flair) into the 21st century!  More on that later.  Suffice to say, for this purpose, that I am spending about 4-6 hours a day working on the webmastering and administrative end of this business.  There are so many facets of it!  But that definitely keeps me busy!

12:00 pm –    SOMETIMES I actually break for a little lunch, sometimes I just keep right on working.  At this point I have to attend to my bread dough if I started a batch (Mondays) or transfer, fold, and put away the laundry (Mondays and Thursdays), sweep again and/or mop the floors, shower and clean up the bathroom.  Go back to work!

4:00 pm –    If weather permits and I’ve accomplished enough sometimes I take a quick walk down to the beach with Matilda (sometimes just by myself).  Wednesdays are the perfect day for beach time because it’s like dead during the day (cruise ships don’t usually come in on Wednesdays and the         locals wait until the fish fry later that night to come down to the beach).  I don’t go to the beach every day though.  I would like to!  But most week days I just get wrapped up in working either on the business or in the house or cooking and by the time I get a second to go down to the beach it’s time to start dinner or it’s raining or it’s just entirely too hot to walk down there.  Weekend are my beach days!

5:45 pm –    Usually around this time is when I get the text from Jonathan that he’s headed home.  He’s usually starving by the time he gets here, so if I’m really on top of things I try to have dinner done or mostly done by the time he gets home.  Sometimes I just throw together a little snack or something so he’ll have some brain food.  When he’s not snacking or eating dinner, he is in the books.  He studies pretty much from the minute he gets home until I bug him to go to bed around midnight or so.  We get an hour or so to talk and eat dinner. 

7:30 pm –    This is when I work on jewelry or skype with family or just wind down from the day.  I don’t go to bed before Jonathan so we are usually up until about midnight sometimes later. 
Then I get up and do it all over again!  Mondays are my big cooking days (I make bread, cook Matilda’s food, etc.).  Tuesdays are my big work days (I shoot for 6-7 hours), Wednesdays I try to make it out to the beach, Thursdays  are grocery days, Fridays are “make-up” days and Jonathan and I try to go out to dinner or go down for an evening beach walk or go see a movie.  Saturdays and Sundays the boys (Jonathan and Matt and Conrad and a smattering of others that seems to change weekly).  These are the days that the wives spend girl time and beach time.  Last weekend Michelle and I sat out on Taino on Sunday for like 2 hours just chilling on some lounge chairs.  Fun!  I think my tan became at least 2 shades darker just from that!

So, yes, I miss home.  Some days it’s more difficult than others.  Michelle heads home for a while on Saturday so I’m sure my “homesickness” will increase during that time.  I really don’t want to classify it as homesickness though.  I just miss everyone and miss the convenience of the states.  I miss being able to hop in the car and go somewhere.  I miss being able to just meet a girlfriend for lunch.  I miss starting a school year!  Matilda helps that a lot.  She knows when I’m feeling low and without fail will come and snuggle.  She’s the best dog ever!  She got sick last week and it scared me to death so it’s making me reconsider whether it’s the right decision for her health for me to take her to Dominica when we go.  It’s the right decision for ME for her to come, but I don’t want something to happen to her down there.  I would be devastated.  That’s a decision to make later on though.  It’s just on my mind. 

Michelle has been sort of the bench marker for blogging.  I need to keep up!  I posted a link that was apparently bogus to her blog earlier.  So let me post it again.  It’s http://www.thewellses.blogspot.com.  You can cut and paste that into your browser.  She is able to pull her pictures so much easier so I’m working on that I promise!  I promise I’ll be better about posting than I have been this week!  I’ll keep ya’ll posted with all the “boring” details ;).  Happy new school year teachers! 


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