From the mountains to the prairie to the ocean…

ahd back again!  Jonathan and I have been national travelers these last two weeks.  Hence the lack of post.  We started our double header family vacations with my side of the family in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We had this beautiful beach house rented right across the street from the ocean.  It was beautiful and relaxing and we had a really fun time spending time with our family.  It was very low key which was just exactly what we needed after such a crazy month leading up to it.  My sister’s husband, James, ships out  to Afghanistan in September and then obviously me and Jonathan will be leaving for the Bahamas in a few weeks.  So it was a good opportunity to spend some much needed quality time together before we all experience the “diaspora of Harris’s”!  After that (literally the day after our week at the beach) we made a quick turnaround up to Oklahoma City where we left with Jonathan’s side of the family for the Rocky Mountains.  Change the time zone, change the company, change the scenery!  The mountains were just awesome and the weather was a crisp 68 when finally stepped out of the van (yes all 6 of us rode together…like a family vaca from way back when!) in Frisco, Colorado.  Frisco is like one of those mountain towns from a movie.  It’s a page straight out of Better Homes and Gardens in the winter time.  It was one of 3 stops for us along the way.  We hiked, and ate, and talked, and read, and just enjoyed eachothers’ company.  (I will post some pictures of bother of the trips soon!) Since our trips, I’ve been thinking a lot about the environments we found ourselves in.  There are parts of me that connect really genuinely to the ocean and coast.  It’s been my home for so long.  The salty air, the sun, the sand, the ocean.  Nobody takes anybody else too seriously.  The houses are low key and whimsical.  The food isn’t fussy.  And the beach is relaxing morning, noon, and night.  When I sit on the beach or on the porch looking over the ocean, there is an intense calm and peace about me.  It’s like breathing in paradise.  But then there is another equally strong side of me that connects with that crisp mountain air.  That feeling of “insignifigance” in comparison with God’s creation.  This environment of “earth friendliness” and the fact that EVERYBODY treats their dogs like citizens.  That’s my kind of place!

In short, I find peace and comfort in all aspects of nature.  There are parts of me that sing no matter what elevation I’m in!  (and sometimes that singing can be heard…and sometimes those songs can get stuck in your head…and sometimes you’ll start singing them too…and wonder how Rachel has Jedi mind tricked you into singing the soundtrack that plays in her head…mwahaha!)

At any rate, it was all a very welcomed distraction from the chaos that has been our lives for the last 30 days.  God is merciful and allowed us a full 2 weeks of departure from all of it.  It was nice to not have to think about any of it for an extended period of time.  Of course in the back of our minds, we knew it was all still there waiting for us.  I was amazed, though, that I did not get a single email or phone call concerning any of it for two weeks.  God is good! 

But of course, this past Monday morning it all picked up where we left off with the drama!  Yay!  What we have to keep telling ourselves is that Satan is grappling for a foothold here.  We are embarking on a leap of faith with nothing but God’s grace to break our fall and Satan is HATING how obedient we are being.  He is trying through just about every aspect of this situation to plant that seed of doubt in us.  There are days and times (like today) when I feel like maybe we’re going in the wrong direction.  That really no two people can be met with this much resistance in pursuit of “God’s will”.  But then I take a step back and realize that GOD has been placing the affirmations…it is Satan who is planting the doubt.  Satan who is planting the road blocks.  Satan who is trying desperately to strap those blinders on us that keep us from seeing the bigger picture.  The bigger picture is much bigger than me and Jonathan, much bigger than medical school, and certainly MUCH bigger than Satan. 

I am having a hard time walking away from what I know I’m leaving behind.  Two friends whose relationship Jonathan and I have watched grow and mature are planning a wedding…getting married…starting a life together!  Two friends are bringing a precious baby girl into the world!  We’re missing showers, and baby shopping, and we’ll miss that glorious day when Emma Henderson graces us with her presence!  My parents are embarking on new territory…in more ways than one.  By the time we get back their retirement property will be halfway built!  And, we’re hoping and praying that this doesn’t go beyond the next month or so, but we are having to walk away from our Womack family in a time of crisis and uncertainty.  We have no idea what to expect.  But if I’ve learned anything along the way in this journey, it is to expect the unexpected and to cling to hope and faith.  Marivy and Bryan are going to plan and have the most perfect little wedding that ever was…God willing I’ll be there!  Sara and Jared will be amazing parents and our sweet Emma will still be brand spankin’ new by the time her Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jonathan get down to see her!  My sister will be the resilient woman she always has been as her husband ships out to serve our country!  My parents will be slowing opening a whole new chapter in their lives!  And my dear mother in law will still be the quiet warrior she’s always been…a tiger earning her stripes…


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