Wanna know what we did today??

Okay, so Jonathan and I have been saying all day that we needed to blog about the “goings-on” today.  We have decided that the reason things just can’t be easy and smooth is because we are such good story tellers.  God didn’t want to waste crazy stories on bad story tellers!  But you will seriously not believe me when I tell you all the crazy junk that went on today…

#1-We stayed up until about 2:00 AM trying to get things packed up.  Of course it’s not officially moving day until something breaks.  So I shattered a juice glass all over the kitchen floor, Jonathan swept it up, and then an hour later I had to pluck a sliver of glass out of my foot.  Yay!

#2-We decided, as 2:00 was quickly approaching, that we would just throw everything we didn’t want the movers moving into our giant master bathroom,  So we started creating a mountain of clothes, shoes, linens, etc. in the bathroom floor so we could shut the door and return to it later.  That’s another story…see below…

#3-The movers get here and get everything loaded, transported to the storage unit, and packed in the storage unit in under 3 hours while I stood there kind of in a daze watching all my stuff leave my house for the last time.

#4-We grab a quick bite to eat and then head back to the house with every intention of doing some serious vacuuming and cleaning.  So we plug in the vacuum, flip the switch, and the darn thing doesn’t come on.  So we concluded that it was broken (just our luck) and we were gonna have to go buy some cheapie at Walmart.  Then I try to flip on the ceiling fan because it’s beginning to get a little warm, and I realize that the vacuum wasn’t broken, the electricity is turned off!!!  So I am immediately raging mad because I KNOW we paid the bill because we paid it on Monday when we called to give them a disconnect date.  So we call to see what’s going on and they tell us that due to weather (what weather???) Centerpoint has had some outages.  So no air conditioning, no vacuuming, and we can’t even pump up the air matress and take a nap until they decide to turn our electricity on.  Which leads me to the mountain of stuff in the master bathroom…

#5-With nothing to do, we decide that we simply HAVE to take a nap because we are exhausted.  So what is our only option?? The pile of clothes, shoes, linens, etc. in the bathroom floor.  So we find a “comfortable” spot on the floor of the bathroom and try to sleep.  All the while, laughing our butts off because we are laying in a pile of crap on the floor because we have no furniture in our house and apparently no electricity either.  Needless to say that was not a very restful nap…

#6-Enter weirdo wife of the guy who bought our fridge.  She came by to pay us our other half and pick up the fridge.  But there is some sort of “mellodrama” playing out in her life (cry me a river) and she has a melt down in our living room.  I conveniently stayed holed up in our little nest in the bathroom floor, though, because she seems particularly interested in me and my stuff.  So I avoided that whole awkward situation completely and passed that buck to my wonderful hubby.  He’s got a knack for eccentric women… 😉

#7-We are meeting Marivy and Bryan for dinner at Jimmy’s so we both are in desparate need of showers.  So I turn the knob on the hot water in the shower and it spits and sputters and then…there is no water.  That’s right, no water!!  I forgot to mention that, yes, eventually they did get around to turning our electricity back on.  So this is just adding insult to injury.  Because again, we JUST paid that bill earlier this week when we called to give them the cut off date!  AAAHHH!!  So we finally figure out that the guys who moved the fridge turned off the water supply to the house to stop the pipe from leaking into the house.  I guess they forgot to turn it back on.  Can’t we catch a break??

#8-Finally, to end our day, we had to take the trash out.  3 years of living in a house paired with the necessity to purge ourselves of everything that it would be ignorant to store means bags, and bags, and bags of trash.  Our garbage men are finicky and won’t take any garbage that is not in a can.  They won’t even take the trash if the can is overflowing.  So what to the resourceful (and sneaky) Womacks do?  We load up our car with bags of trash and “put pocket” all our neighbors’ garbage cans secretly and under the cover of darkness.  We are expecting the police to come to our door demanding an explaination any minute now…

So now, at 10:45, we are in the middle of our living room floor on a blow up matress watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix in our completely empty house.  We kind of feel a bit like college kids again!  And I can’t help but wonder, after all the drama that was today, whether or not in 3 years I will wonder why in the heck we stored all that junk and didn’t just get rid of it.  Time will tell.  Time will also tell whether this air matress can stand the test of a 10 hour sleep without slowing deflating and leaving us sleeping on a hardwood floor with a nice layer of plastic for a bed.  Something tells me that we might be retreating to Mt. Master Bathroom at some point tonight…


One thought on “Wanna know what we did today??

  1. Oh my lanta, I can just feel the sarcasm oozing out of this post! I can’t help but laugh, mostly because it sounds so ridiculous, but partially due to the Rachel sarcasm. Maybe you should try to be terrible story tellers…

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