You’ve still got questions??

Here is the continuation of my earlier post.  I’ll try to finish answering all the crazy questions!

Where will you live?  In an apartment?  A house?  A hut???

We will be placing our deposit on an apartment in Freeport in a week or so.  Yes, it will be “sight unseen”.  That’s a requirement of full admission to the school.  The one we are leaning towards is a duplex style house which has a yard (not fenced) and a grill out back.  Since we’ll have Matilda with us, we think it will be really nice to have that outdoor space.  We won’t know for a few weeks though whether or not we actually get the one we want.  Living expenses in Freeport are fairly comparable to the US, however Dominica is much less expensive.  So we will, no doubt, be looking forward to our move down there to escape the big monthly outpouring of our teeny little budget!

What will you be taking with you?  Will you be shipping all your stuff??

We won’t be shipping all our stuff.  We will be storing or selling most of it.  We basically get to go with what we can pack in 3 suitcases and 2 carryons.  We will be shipping one box of random stuff we think won’t travel well in suitcases though.  But we are trying to avoid having to ship as much as possible.  The cost to ship a big box overseas is outrageous!  We will be living in a “fully turn key” apartment which means that towels, kitchen stuff, and dinnerware/flatware will be provided as part of our rent.  We like to say often, though, that once we come back to the states and pull all our stuff out of storage we will feel like we’re living at the Ritz!  We’ll be so used to living with wicker furniture and mismatched drapes! 😉

Do you guys have to get any weird vaccinations to move to the Caribbean?

No, we won’t have to get malaria shots or anything like that.  At least not to go to Freeport.  We haven’t heard anything like that about Dominica.  We promise not to come back with any diseases though!

Where the heck is Dominica?  Is that the Dominican Republic??

No, it’s not the Dominican Republic.  And it’s not actually even pronounced like the Dominican Republic.  It’s pronounced like Dominique-a (with emphasis on the “nique”).  It is actually an island in the West Indies which is just souhteast of Puerto Rico.  They call it the “Nature Island” because it is very naturally beautiful.  Sort of untouched.  It’s a volcanic island so there’s lots of jungles and it’s very mountainous.  Not to mention it boasts some of the most amazing beaches in the world!

Can we come visit?!?

Of course!  It will be short stay for us, but we would love for anyone to come visit us!  As soon as we get settled, I will post our address and what not.  Just let us know when you want to come! 

We are officially flying out on July 22nd and will arrive in Freeport, Grand Bahama the afternoon of the 23rd.  Between now and then we have to pack, move, close on the house, get Matilda’s vet stuff done, get our passports squared away, and deal with the student loan drama.  So much to do, so little time!


One thought on “You’ve still got questions??

  1. I love the blog! And all the answered questions (of which I knew the answers to most!). We are excited for you guys and know this is a wonderful opportunity and will be a life-changing experience! Life on a beach is sounding pretty good right now, so make the most of it!

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